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Xbox One Account Login & Setup Support

Before you start using an Xbox, it is very important that you set up an Xbox profile first. Once you have got your Xbox One plugged in, it is important that you create a user profile, which will allow you to save your preferences and participate in Xbox live and much more. Now, setting up user profile is simple. You just need to click the bar on the upper left of the home screen. Then you need to choose the option add new. After that, Sign in with your Microsoft account. Choose the colour that you would like for your Xbox home screen. Then view your completed profile. And next you need to setup your Kinect sign in.


These are some of the basic steps that you should know while creating your Xbox account. But not everyone is aware and if you need an Xbox account setup support in USA and Canada, we, at Device Tech Help, will provide you with that help.


We are a team of well-qualified experts who have an in-depth knowledge of how's the Xbox that you are using. If you need our help, you can call us at our toll-free number 1888-310-2999. We are available throughout the day and night and we extend our services in the USA and Canada. If you wish, you can also write to us at our email address.


Once one of our experts understands what the problem is, they will give you a call and provide you with the Xbox one account online support. We make sure that none of our clients' problems and left unattended and provide the best service for your Xbox. And if your Xbox one login is not working, we provide help regarding that as well!