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Did you know that Microsoft is a blend of the word "microcomputer" and "software"? Well, even if you don't know that, Microsoft is still a huge name in the manufacturing of computer software, consumer electronics, personal computer and other services. It has its headquarters in Washington and is best known for its software products. It was founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates in the year 1975 and very soon rose to dominate the personal computer operating system market. The present CEO of Microsoft is Satya Nadella.


Microsoft products include:

  1. Skype for business
  2. SharePoint server
  3. Microsoft Office Suite
  4. Dynamics ERP
  5. Office 365

There are a lot of other products which are provided by Microsoft but these are the top Microsoft products that were rated by its partners in 2015. Though Microsoft is a big name, like all other devices, its devices too are susceptible some or the other problem. You might face some problems.

  1. There might be a problem in creating a Microsoft account with Gmail.
  2. You might not have an idea of how to recover Microsoft account.
  3. You might need account login support.
  4. You might face Microsoft Office sign in problems.


These are some of the problems that you might face in your Microsoft device. And if you are a newbie and you do not have any idea about how it works and how to fix the problem, you need not worry. You can always contact our Microsoft tech support phone number. Our team will provide the much needed help to make sure that your problem is resolved.

How can You Reach Us?

Via Phone:

Our Microsoft customer service number is 1888-310-2999. When you call our helpline, your call will be transferred to our team expert to whom you can explain all the issues that you are facing with your Microsoft account in a detailed manner. Another advantage of taking service from us is that we are available 24/7 and you can call us at your ease. We will make sure that your call is not left unattended and your problem is not left unresolved.


Via Email

Sometimes, you may face difficulty in contacting us on our Microsoft customer care phone number in USA and Canada because of a busy line or any other cause. In those circumstances, you can always write to us on our email address stating your problem and mentioning complete details about yourself. Once we receive your email and understand your issue, we will take appropriate steps to make sure that your concerns are resolved.


Why should you choose us?

Our Microsoft support team is number one and is always on toes to help you with your problem. We make sure that no call is unattended. We extend our services in the USA and Canada. Our experts have a rich knowledge about the Microsoft office problems that you might face. In case of any major or minor problem and you can contact us anytime!