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Introducd in the year 2007 by YMAX, Magic Jack is a device which can be plugged into the USB port of a computer having a mobile phone jack which can be used with any standard phone. The device helps a user make unlimited phone calls in United States and Canada. It is a computer peripheral that, in combination with telephony service from the related YMAX Corporation, provides Internet-based telephone service (VoIP) in the United States and Canada.


In 2011, Magic Jack Plus was introduced by the company, which can function without a computer. Magic Jack functions exclusively with the company's landline provider and CLEC, YMAX. Voicemail is stored on the Magic Jack’s servers and is delivered through direct telephonic access, and through email with audio file attachments in WAV formats.


Alike any other device, Magic Jack may also create some technical glitches and issues. So, you need Magic Jack Tech Support instantly

Magic Jack Tech Support

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Magic Jack Technical Support Services:

With the substantial growth in the consumer base of Magic Jack in the recent years has posed some serious challenges for the think of the corporation. The brand has established itself as a brand among the consumers by initiating a revolution in the segment through its product and pushed its growth higher on the charts. Magic Jack has gained the thrust in the later phase by dominating a substantial market space worldwide. Yet in its later users could not carry on with the with the timely modifications brought into the device.


Therefore, We offer Magic Jack Tech Support and Customer Service in USA, Canada to all its users, who are unable to cop up with the modified features and other issues. This aid is just a tick away from you in the form of Magic Jack technical support phone number, support page and mail services.



Error: Broken Storage


Error 404


If the problem still persists, then get in touch with our support team through Magic Jack Customer Service Number 1888-310-2999


Error 23 Code:

The error is chiefly related to router configuration and can be dealt with by making certain changes to it. For any further advice you can get in touch with our team through Magic Jack Customer Care Number 1888-310-2999.


Complaint Redressal Mechanism and Structure:

Magic Jack Support Number

Over mail

Over support page

  • Dial our Magic Jack customer support phone number 1888-310-2999.
  • Your call will be taken by one of our executives.
  • Then you will have to provide your Magic Jack account number to our tech support executive.
  • Then register a formal complaint with Magic Jack support.
  • The executive at Magic Jack support will provide you a complaint registration number for further queries.
  • You will be provided a time window within which appropriate action will be taken over your complaint.
  • In case your issues still remain unresolved within the provided time window, then get in touch with the Magic Jack customer support phone number after the deadline ends.
  • Sometimes you may be unable to communicate with us through the Magic Jack customer service number due to any reason.
  • In this case, you can write to our tech support team email address.
  • Do mention your issue in the subject part of the mail very clearly.
  • Once your mail is received at our support desk, your mail will be forwarded to the respective technical department.
  • Upon the reception of your mail at the support desk you will receive a confirmation mail from our team which will include a complaint registration number and a complaint redressal time window.
  • Do not forget to add your contact details in your initial mail.
  • Apart from the mail service and Magic Jack customer service number, you can also reach us through our support page.
  • Our support page contains a specific section for troubleshooting, which is created with the idea of providing easy assistance for customers.
  • You can choose the appropriate troubleshooting option as per your requirements.
  • Follow the written steps given in the troubleshooting corner.
  • In case you are unable to perform the steps on your own, then you can communicate with our Magic Jack support number.

Working Hours:

The Magic Jack phone number availability is ensured round the clock for its customers. Our tech support ensures that the issues are tackled promptly without any hassle. Therefore, whenever you come across any difficulty next time, don’t hold yourself back and get in touch with Magic Jack toll free number any time at your ease.


Why Choose Us:

In a situation when you encounter a problem which appears time and again while using Magic Jack device, we are here to address your hassles. The grievance can be registered at our support desk through our Magic Jack Contact Phone Number or through our help page or through email, All our services are available for 24 hours a day, all round the year. Along with this we are also known for:


Effective grievance redressal system:

Our team at Magic Jack customer service functions unhindered for Majic Jack users as we believe customer satisfaction is the biggest barometer of our success or failure. The Magic Jack Tech Support Number is available for our customers 24X7 along with our email support in USA and Canada.


Quick redressal of grievances:

Our technical staff ensures that each and every customer’s issue is tackled on priority basis. So we at Magic Jack Customer Support strive to act swiftly to address all concerns through our complaint redressal mechanism, which is created to cut down unnecessary time consumption.


Appropriate tracking of complaints:

Our Magic Jack support team makes sure that a customer grievance registered through their Magic Jack account is thoroughly resolved by our team without any further complaints. We frequently stay in touch with our customers for their opinion concerning our work in order to appraise and enhance our quality and eliminate any lacunae while delivering our services.