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Magic Jack Setup Software Installation

If you are a new user of the Magic Jack device, you may come across various issues as you install your device. Whether it is Magic Jack installation online, a setup Software Free download, or a Magic Jack Go setup without computer, Device Tech Help provides you with all the support that you need in USA and Canada. We strive to ensure that you have the best experience as you use your Magic Jack device.


To begin making free phone calls online, you need to install your Magic Jack Device. You need to begin with connecting your device to the free USB port of your computer. Make sure that your computer is connected to the internet. The internet bandwidth must not be less than 128kb per second. For your convenience and easy access, you can also use the USB extension cord. After you are done with this, connect your regular phone to the Magic Jack.


Once the phone is connected, the Magic Jack starts to download software from the internet automatically. Just in case this does not happen, you can try the Magic Jack setup software free download. Do you know the most special thing about your Magic Jack device? You can connect it to your tablet and smartphone too. This implies that you can even do Magic Jack go setup without computer. If you face any difficulties in doing so, you can contact us at the Magic Jack installation support helpline number 1888-310-2999 in USA, Canada and our Magic Jack support executives will help you with your grievance related to the Magic Jack device.