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Lenovo is a multinational technology company which has its headquarters in Beijing, China. It is known to design, develop and manufacture some of the best personal computers, tablet, smartphones service, smart televisions and much more. Lenovo has made its mark in electronics and most households or office that you go to, you can find a Lenovo device being used. It has spread its market in various places and made its place in every household. Lenovo operates in more than 60 countries and its products are sold in around 160 countries.


Since its inception in Hong Kong in 1988, Lenovo has entered the smartphone market in 2012 and today is the largest vendor of smart phones in China. But as we all know, that as a human being experiences aging, so does a machine. There will be times when your Lenovo device faces some issue.

lenovo tech support

It might not work even after being charged. It might show no battery even after being plugged in to a charger. Sometimes it may also face heating problem. These are some of the common problems that you might face in your Lenovo laptop, computer, PC or any other electronic Lenovo device.


Whenever you feel such a problem and have no idea how to resolve it, you can always contact us for Lenovo Tech Support and Customer Service in USA, Canada. Our experts have an in depth knowledge about your Lenovo device and they will help you in getting rid of that problem. However minor or major your problem is, you need not worry. Our experts will be there to help you and will make sure that you will be able to solve the problem yourself, the next time that you face it.

How can you contact us?

Via phone:

Our Lenovo tech support phone number is 1888-310-2999. We are available 24/7 and our experts always stay on their toes and solve your problem in the best way possible.


You can also write to us:

You can always write to us on the given email address, specifying your name and the problem that you are facing. Our Lenovo customer service team will contact you and help you out with your problem.


So, the next time you face the problem or are having issues with your device, call us on our Lenovo customer care number and get your problem resolved in seconds.


We extend our services in USA and Canada. Further, if you need any support for any other device including a Kindle or a Roku, you can get in touch with us for any advice or instant guidance. Our well experienced and qualified support team will be pleased to attend your call and help you out with any problem in a friendly manner. We believe that our customer is our asset and for us to work for them is most important.