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Amazon Kindle Fire Tech Support & Customer Service

Kindle is an e-reading device designed by Amazon which enables its users to read, buy and download e-books, magazines and e-newspapers. It was developed by lab126 after Amazon employed its think-tank to develop an e-reading device. Initially, it was named as ‘Fiona’ by the Amazon think-tank, but it was named after consulting leading brand consultants who suggested the name Kindle which means ‘to light a fire'.


Kindle was later introduced on other platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry, and macOS. Amazon Kindle has been launched in almost 20 versions till date. Amazon has sold Kindles worth more than 15 billion USD in the past four years.

amazon kindle fire tech support

Different models of Amazon Kindle:

Sometimes users come across various issues with Amazon Kindle Fire. At that time, Amazon Kindle Fire Tech Support and Customer Service is necessary in USA, Canada.


Kindle Fire Technical Support Number :

The soaring popularity of Kindle can be gauged from the fact that Amazon earned more than 15 billion USD by selling Kindle in the last four years. Amazon Kindle has dominated the e-reading device market globally.
In the initial phase, Amazon could not provide a support platform for Kindle users who were relatively unaware of the various technical aspects of this device. 


Therefore, we are here to provide a support platform with a 24X7 available toll free Kindle fire tech support number 1888-310-2999. We are just a click away from your mobile phone, available for you day in and day out.


Frequent issues with Amazon Kindle:

Common Issues

Possible Solutions

Crashing of apps




  1. Go to settings.
  2. Click on games and apps.
  3. Press Force and clear cache from the app.
  4. Uninstall and re-install the app again by restarting your device.
  5. If the problem still persists, then get in touch with our Kindle customer service.


Typing error in the keyboard





  1. Clean the screen thoroughly with a soft cloth and ensure there are no bubbles on the screen.
  2. Restart the device after keeping it switched off for at least 20 seconds.
  3. The device should be charged adequately.
  4. Try factory reset but you might lose all your data.
  5. If the problem still persists, then immediately get in touch with Amazon Kindle Support.






This might happen due to the installation of some applications. So identify and uninstall those apps.

Then restart the device after some time. If the device still bothers you, then contact Kindle customer service.



Unable to charge the device

  1. Switch off your device for 20 seconds and turn it on again after 20 seconds.
  2. Ensure that you’re using the charger you got along with Amazon Kindle. In case if you are using any other charger kindly check its effectiveness.
  3. Try the charger with another device to check its functioning.
  4. In case the charger is working with another device, kindly contact our support team for further assistance.

How to get Kindle Fire Tech Support?


To get in touch with Amazon Kindle customer service in USA and Canada at any time, call our Kindle support toll free phone number 1888-310-2999. It will provide aid in resolving your issues. Whenever you call Kindle support, your call will be directed to one of our support team delegates, to whom you can convey your apprehensions in a detailed manner. You can ring at Amazon Kindle customer service number as per your ease. We are known for our quick-fire services and prompt action over customers' complaint. We render our services to our customers uninterruptedly round the clock.



The tech support team at Amazon device support serves you 24X7 to deal with your issues, however, if you are unable to get in touch with us through Amazon Kindle customer care number or you are unable to explain your issue to our expert over the phone, then:



Support page:

Amazon Kindle support page is also available apart from our Kindle contact number and Amazon device support mail, which is particularly designed keeping in view the customers' ease. You can find various troubleshooting options along with stepwise solutions on the page.


Operational hours:

You can contact Kindle support any time round the clock as we always remain on our toes to serve our customers. So, whenever you come across any hardware or software issue then don't hesitate to contact Kindle support staff any time through the given helpline number for Kindle support or through mail.


Why and when:

In case you need our services, you can get in touch with us through our Kindle fire help and support number 1888-310-2999 or through email at any time. Contact us if you are facing any of the following issues:


Hardware issues:

In case you face any hardware issue with respect to any Kindle device, do not worry. You can always get in touch with our tech support staff in case the screen gets damaged, battery issues, charging issues, etc. for further assistance.


Software issues:

You may need support regarding Amazon Kindle when you face any sort of software issues while operating your device. Your device might get stuck; apps might crash time and again, etc. At such a time, you just need to contact us for any further assistance any time round the clock. 


Other Kindle tech support:

We are also available 24x7 at our Kindle support contact number for any type of hardware and software assistance in USA, Canada. We are also available 24 x7 at our contact number for Kindle support  for any other device related assistance apart from hardware and software assistance. Get in touch with us immediately for any advice or guidance as we have a well experienced and qualified technical support team, who are proficient in their respective jobs.