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Device Tech Support & Customer Service in USA, Canada

Each one of us is fascinated to see the new devices launched in the market every day. Our need to upgrade, want to use and know the device, or just a plain desire to own the latest gizmo is enough for us to buy a device. When the weather is fair and a device works well, the user is always satisfied; but once there is a glitch, the level of satisfaction drops. If the user faces the same issue time and again, the level of satisfaction keeps on falling gradually. It becomes even worse in case where the user is unable to find a workable solution and the satisfaction drops drastically. At that time, you need Device Tech Support and Customer Service in USA, Canada.


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Device Tech Support Services in USA & Canada

We solve, we never complicate! Take a look at this math problem: 84-4*2/10 [50(5)] +20. Though, it looks complicated at the first glance, it would be a 2 minute task if you know the BODMAS Rule of Mathematics. Similarly, at Device Tech Help, we provide Device Tech Support and Customer Service in USA, Canada for our clients, who are facing technical issues with different devices. Unlike the other help desks that may also provide good solutions, we tend to make a difference by providing our customers with workable and the easiest of all solutions to the technical glitches faced by them. Like others, we too are here to solve your technical problems and ensure a good user experience, but in the easiest of all the ways.


We are based in the USA and Canada and provide all relevant assistance to our clients. You can count on Device Tech Support USA for your technical queries relating to Kindle, Pogo, Magic Jack, Roku and many more. We also provide technical help for Frontier, Microsoft, Lenovo, Xbox and Verizon. Feel free to count on Device Tech Support Canada centre for the same. If you have been facing any problem like the crashing of applications, overheating of your device, or typing errors in the keyboard on your device, all you need to do is just log on to our website and get a workable solution instantly. In case, you come across errors concerning Java, Resolution, Browser, Operating System, or Flash, we are happy to help you with the same. Solutions to your hardware and software issues are just a website logon away. 


To reach us, you can email us at our official email address or submit your query on the contact page of our website. You can reach us by making a call on the Device Tech Support and Customer Service Phone Number 1888-310-2999. We assure you, we will be all ears to your problems and help you with the best possible solutions!



Amazon Kindle Support

Kindle is an e-reading device designed by Amazon which enables its users to read, buy and download e-books, magazines and e-newspapers. It was developed by lab126 after Amazon employed its think-tank to develop an e-reading device.
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Pogo Tech Support is an online game website owned by Redwood shores based Electronic Arts. was started in 1995 by amalgamating two companies; Optigon Interactive and Outland. Currently, the website is a host to more than 250 games.
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magic jack

Magic Jack Support

Introducd in the year 2007 by YMAX, magicJack into the USB port of a computer having a mobile phone jack which can be used with any standard phone. it helps a user make unlimited phone calls in United States and Canada.
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Roku Tech Support

Roku is a series of digital media player devices produced by Roku, Inc. Roku offers content in the form of channels. The name Roku is derived from the Japanese language which translates to "six" and Roku was so christened.
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Frontier Tech Support

Frontier Communication is a telecom company in the United States of America and is the fourth largest digital subscriber line provider. The company changed its name from Citizens Communications Company in 2008. In its former avatar, the company only served small areas.
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Microsoft Tech Support

Did you know that Microsoft is a blend of the word "microcomputer" and "software"? Well, even if you don't know that, Microsoft is still a huge name in the manufacturing of computer software, consumer electronics, personal computer and other services.
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Tenovo Tech Support

Lenovo is a multinational technology company which has its headquarters in Beijing, China. It is known to design, develop and manufacture some of the best personal computers, tablet, smartphones service, smart televisions and much more.
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XBOX Tech Support

Xbox, as we have all heard is a video game brand which was created and is owned by Microsoft. It is a series of video game consoles which has 3 consoles that have been released in the 6th 7th and 8th generation respectively.
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Verizon Tech Support

Verizon is a well-known American telecommunications company. The company offers wireless services and products to its customers. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Verizon Communications, the company has subscribers in the millions.
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