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Amazon Kindle Text-to-Speech Support

Text-to-Speech is an experimental feature that has been introduced on Amazon Kindle Devices. It allows the users to listen to Kindle books on the device. When the text-to-speech feature is enabled on the Kindle device, the device reads the text of book for the user. Since this is an experimental feature, it has not been introduced for all the titles on Kindle store. If the text-to-speech feature is available for your Kindle book, the product detail page on the Kindle store displays ‘Text-to-Speech: Enabled’.


As you use the android Kindle text-to-speech feature, you can hear everything that your book has to say. Though this feature makes reading easy, yet you may face various problems as you use the kindle text-to-speech feature. There are numerous users, who face problems with reading of the last paragraph as they flip pages of the book they are reading. Several users complain of attention issues because of the reading speed of Kindle text-to-speech feature.


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